Application Design

Case Study
Phone App Coronawaze

CoronaWaze is a fictional smartphone app, that helps the community help themselves and stay safe during the unprecedented pandemic, by sharing information effectively.


Discover a problem and find a solution.

The Problem

  • The high-risk exposure to COVID-19 during simple everyday tasks, like grocery shopping
  • Business rules are not updated and accurate online, like hrs. of operation
  • longer wait lines
  • overcrowded stores
  • empty shelves
  • simple tasks take longer to get done

Define the goal

Goal is to create an application, that uses crowdsourcing, so the community can help each other out by sharing and updating the information in real time.



  • Identify users by developing different personas
  • Information design flow and user preferences


  • Creating content
  • Collecting user feedback
  • Addressing user challenges
  • Evaluation and revaluation

Product Features

  • The user can serach stores and find the information they need in order to do the task safely and efficiently
  • They can share and review stores to help others

The Conclusion

I believe with our CoronaWaze smartphone app we found a creative solution for the problem, caused by the pandemic